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Feeding Bottle Cleaning Brush – EB0023


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Baby Bottle Brush, Feeding Bottle Brush, Milk Bottle Brush, Bottle Cleaner



Feeding bottle brush can be used to clean pacifiers and other small items bottle brush, special shape, easier to clean the bottle and the bottom of the stubborn stains, small nipple brush can clean the pacifier. At the same time can also clean high glass. Do not clean the dishwasher, just wash with hot water.

Material: PP + nylon + stainless steel wire + sponge

Heat-resistant temperature: +120 degrees Celsius


This bottle brush can be used in the disinfection pot after boiling or steam sterilization, he can withstand up to 120 degrees high temperature, which is ordinary material brush can not afford. Bottle brush in the use of finished should be careful to keep the bottle brush dry and ventilated, try to ensure that the bottle brush in a dry environment, if too humid environment easily lead to brush body mold, affecting the normal use.

Bottle brush is a consumable, there are plastic bottle brush distortion distortion is very normal.

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2x brush


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