Wooden Computation Kit


Wooden Computation Study Box for Basic Math Calculations for Children

or 3 X රු 440.00 with Koko Koko

Product details of Wooden Computation Study Box for Basic Math Calculations for Children

  • Original basic math calculations for children
  • Ages 3+ years
  • Product dimensions: 25cm* 20cm
  • Colorful wooden number & mathematical signs set for children to learn with fun.
  • Helps children in understanding number, color, signs and calculations.
  • It contains colorful sticks which can be used to learn counting in fun way.
  • Mathematical toy box
  • Brain development toys for kids
  • Ships from Sri Lanka
This Computation Study Box offers a visual method to teaching kids and children basic math concepts and calculations. It has 4 color rods i.e. red, blue, yellow and green 0-9 Number Blocks and Calculation signs. Teaching by these modern, visual math teaching aids is more exciting and appealing. Parents and Teachers can come up with their own ideas and methods to teach. For example, take three red rods and add four yellow rods. Then ask the child to count the total rows in front of him or her. The same can be shown by number and calculation sign blocks. Provides visual stimulation to the child, which helps to recognize colours and better understanding of maths. Made of Natural Wood, it is ideal for ages 3+. Product Features:- Provides Visual Aids of Teaching Basic Math Concepts and Calculations. Come Up with Exciting New Ways of Teaching Maths To Kids and Children. Enables Kids to recognize Colors and Math Operations.
Includes Wooden Box with Color Rods in 4 Colors and Number/Sign Blocks. Age: 3+ Years.
Original Wooden Computation Study Box for Basic Math Calculations for Children Ages 3+ Years, Multi Color. This Computation Study Box is a visual way of teaching math calculations to your kids. Your kids can actually pick up and place the pieces in the correct and logical order and understand basic math operations. Teach with number pieces or with the sticks - either way, it is an interesting way to teach your kids about numbers, mathematical operations and identify colors. Eco-friendly wood with bright, non-toxic paints appeals to kids and parents. This Computation Study Box includes 2 pcs for each 0-9 Numbers/Operation symbols, Abacus & Clock to teach Time Telling. Product Features:- Provides Visual Way of Teaching Basic Math Concepts and Calculations. Eco-Friendly Wood with Bright Non-Toxic Paints to Ensure Kids Safety. Age: 3+ Years. Package Contains Wooden Computation Study Box with 2 Pcs of Each 0-9 Numbers/Symbols, Abacus & Clock. It also helps in learning Time Telling.


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