Wooden Digit Operation Box


Multi-Functional Operation Learning Box

or 3 X රු 696.67 with Koko Koko
Product Description
Product name: 100-digit math board with calculator and watch / Watch toy and math stick board
Target audience: Children from 3 years old
Dimensions: 28.2x17.6x3 cm
Weight: 500g
Material: Natural wood and laminated wood
From China
The 100-digit math board and the watch stick is a versatile toy board, including:
+ 100 small squares printed numbers from 1 to 100
+ One bag containing many colored sticks (red, blue, green and yellow)
+ A board has 2 sides: One side is a blackboard to write or draw. One side has a watch and available spreadsheet frames, with plus, subtraction, multiplied, divided, larger, smaller and equal seals.
+ A box of chalk and a sponge to wipe the board. - Math board and calculation stick help children get used to numbers and markings, the concept of "bigger", "smaller" and how to calculate numbers. Children learn while playing in a fun and easy way to remember.
- In addition to learning math, parents can use calculation sticks to arrange different shapes such as triangles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons...From there, help children recognize geometric blocks. Gradually, the baby can arrange the pictures as he likes.
- With the watch on the board, parents can teach children how to recognize time and time.
- The product is painted with many bright, eye-catching colors, attracting children to participate in playing and helping them recognize colors well.
- Math stick toys help children strengthen their intelligence, practice memory and dexterity of hands when stacking the sticks into shapes.
- The product is made from wood, the corners and edges are carefully sharpened, safe for children to play.
Note: - The product is made of wood, away from water and humid places
- Do not sterilize the product with boiling water
- When your baby plays, adults should follow and support the baby when needed


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