Wooden Teaching Aid Set – EB0368

Preschool Montessori Wooden Materials Math Geometry teaching aids


Includes :

1. geometry combination: understanding the decomposition and combination of geometry and unit comparison, learning fractions.
2. cylindrical staircase: color classification, high and low contrast, action speed sorting, cylinder sense, and the difference between training plane and stylistic.
3. rectangular porous geometry classification: distinguish color understanding times and quantity.
4. triangle combination: understand the relationship between the whole and part of triangle.
5. circle combination: know how a whole is divided into several parts, as a preparation for the score.
6. square combination: understand the relationship between the whole and the part of a square.
7. decompose the geometric: recognize the geometry chart and its decomposed figure and get into the fractional preparation.
8. porous geometry classification: the difference between all kinds of geometry and the proportion of numbers.
9. counting bar: from the comparison between 0~9 numbers and quantities, adding and subtracting sorting, understanding numbers and numerals

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